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Hawaiian Airlines LOT Polish Airlines Qantas TAT European Air
Hamburg Chile LTU Royal Air Maroc Thai Airways Intl
Helicopteros del Sureste Lufthansa Royal Jordanian TransBrasil
Helijet Airways Luxair Royal Nepal Airlines Trans Intl Express
Hemus Air Malaysia Airlines Ryanair Trans Mediterranean
Iberia Mahalo Air Sabena Turkish Airlines
Icelandair Malev Hungarian Air SAS Scandinavian Air TWA
Islandsflug Mandarin Airlines SATA Air Acores United Airlines
Iran Air Manx Airlines Saudi Arabian Airlines US Airways
Japan Airlines Merpati Nusantara Airline (Indo) Silk Air Varig
JAS Mexicana Airlines Singapore Airlines Vasp
Jurvik Aviation MEA Middle East Air South African Airways Vietnam Airlines
KLM Royal Dutch MIAT Mongolia Air South West Airlines Virgin Atlantic
KLM UK Northwest Airlines Spirit Airlines Vladivostok Avia
Korean Air Olympic Airways SriLankan WestJet
Lan Chile Pan Am Sudan Airways Widerøe
Lauda Air Pelangi Air Sunflower Airlines World Airways
Linhas Aereas De Mocambique PIA Pakistan Intl Air Swiss  (Switzerland) Yemen Airlines
  TAP Air Portugal